Phala Network | LensAPI Oracle Challenge

Phala Network | LensAPI Oracle Challenge

Everything you need to know about our Phala Network LensAPI Oracle Challenge.


This is Part 1 of a two-part hackathon with Phala Network. All verified submissions for Part 1 this will be whitelisted for a token airdrop to participate in the second hackathon on mainnet where they’ll be over $12,000 in bounties (+ merch).
This challenge will run for four days, fully remote, starting shortly after the kick-off workshop with Joshua (details below). Your goal during the challenge will be to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle and leverage the limited set of stats to create a unique dApp.
Challenge Start Date
Thursday 24th August
Three days (fully remote)
Submission Deadline
11:59 pm UTC - Sunday 27th August
Submission form


Joshua, Director of Tech Evangelism @ Phala Network, hosted a killer workshop earlier this week to showcase Phala’s LensAPI Oracle. You can watch this back below or via this link.
In the workshop, Joshua showcased how Phala Network's LensAPI Oracle can help reward users on Lens with unique NFTs based on stats retrieved from LensAPI Oracle. You'll gain insights into:
  • The capabilities of LensAPI Oracle include user stats, post stats, and custom JavaScript functionalities.
  • How to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle and leverage the limited set of stats to create a unique dApp.
  • The potential applications of LensAPI Oracle in rewarding social media users and creating engaging experiences.
Video preview

Challenge Details

What are you building?

The requirement is to deploy at least one LensAPI Oracle to leverage the limited set of stats from these to create a unique dApp.

LensAPI - Stats Available

As of the current deployed BluePrint, the LensAPI Oracle supports the following stats from Lens Protocol, which you can query when building your dApp.
As of the current deployed BluePrint, the LensAPI Oracle has the following capabilities:
User Stats
- Total Followers - Total Following
Post Stats
- Total Posts - Total Comments - Total Mirrors - Total Publications - Total Collects
With custom JavaScript
- Combo of User Stats Only - Combo of Post Stats Only


Main prize bounties are paid in PHA & will be distributed by Phala after the hackathon. They will require passing KYC and a Polkadot address. CODE bounties will be issued by the Developer DAO to ETH address in Submission forms immediately after the hackathon with no KYC,

Overall Winners

Chosen by our judges for best overall submission to the challenge
1st Prize
1000 USD in PHA token
2nd Prize
600 USD in PHA token
3rd Prize
400 USD in PHA token
All submissions
Enough MATIC & PHA Tokens for 2nd hackathon on main-net
*PHA is a Polkadot token - it can traded on CEXs such as Binance, Kucion and DEXs such as Uniswap

CODE Rewards

At Developer DAO, we reward builders in elevated Governance in the DAO via our $CODE token. Not only do we reward the winners chosen by the Phala team, but we also ensure all builders with verified submissions are rewarded in CODE 🫡
1st Prize
1000 CODE Tokens
2nd Prize
750 CODE Tokens
3rd Prize
500 CODE Tokens
All verified Submissions
400 CODE Tokens for all verified submissions

Builders Program and on-going support

Phala take hacks and supporting builders seriously, amd they’re proactively looking for builders they can have an on-going relationship with to build out their projects.
Opportunuities don’t end with the Hackathon and via their Builders Program, you can receive up to $50,000 in PHA Tokens to continue working on your project.
More info 👇🏻


Here are the resources you need to get building 🏗️

Technical Support & Offices Hours

Don’t forget, anyone who signs up to the challenge using this form is issued and NFT to attest participation and gain temporary access to the D_D Discord during the hack if you’re not already a member.
There will be ongoing async and peer-to-peer support in Developer DAO’s discord in the Phala Network | LensAPI Oracle Challenge channel (link) and scheduled “office hours” with Joshua from the Phala Network team that will be announced next week.
You’re encourage to hang-out and hack in the Developer DAO Discord either on the hackathon channel below or any of the voice chats. Great place to vibe out, find hacker partners, make friends and get technical support fro your peers.
If you get stuck on something very technical you can reach the Phala team directly on the link below as well.
  • Developer DAO Discord Channel - Link - BUILD > Join Hackathons > Phala Network | LensAPI Oracle Challenge channel
  • Phala Network Discord Channel - Link - #phat-contract Channel

Hack ideas/inspiration

  • Threshold Mints based on an individual stats (i.e. totalFollowers, totalFollowing, totalPosts, totalComments, totalPublications, totalCollects, totalMirrors)
  • A game of Stat vs Stat for 2 Lens profiles to compete with the stat total they have on their Lens profile
  • Calculate a User Score based on User Stats formula in JS or User Post Stats formula in JS
  • Threshold Role Grants for a Consumer Contract with Access Control (i.e. PUBLISHER for having over X totalPublications, COLLECTOR for having over Y `totalCollects, etc.)
  • Activity Ranker



  1. Deployed at least 1 LensAPI Oracle to testnet
  1. Created a unique dApp


  1. Open source repo of project submission
  1. Contract ID on Polygon of Consumer Contract
  1. LensAPI Oracle Endpoint Address
  1. Readme file with documentation of Project details including with screenshots/videos demoing the project
  1. (Optional) Blog post of the project submission (Secret Prize for Top Blog)
  1. (Optional) Social Media hype posts on Lens (Secret Prize for Top Creating Buzz on Lens)
  1. (Optional) Creative Video Submission of project submission (Secret Prize for Top Video)

How to submit

Winners receiving PHA Tokens - please ensure you’ve created a Polkadot Wallet before you try to submit. You can find a guide on how to do that here.
All submissions must be made via the DeForm link below