DeForm Careers
DeForm Careers

DeForm Careers

🤝 Join the DeForm Team!

The future of audience and brand connection knows no bounds within the internet space. With the advent of the blockchain, we now have new capabilities that enable:
  • marketing campaigns to be interoperable and collaborative between different companies
  • brands to efficiently work with loyal fans to co-create stories and initiatives
  • accelerated capital formation to quickly fund new experiences
This isn’t a 10-year dream. Today, mega-brands like Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton have already ventured into blockchain-powered reward programs. However, the current infrastructure often requires technical expertise, creating barriers for non-developer marketers. A significant challenge that marketers face is efficiently managing and validating wallet addresses while collecting essential information such as feedback, shipping addresses, and social media accounts. Currently, the process involves sending out traditional forms and surveys, followed by the involvement of developers to extract, filter through fake submissions and bot entries, validate data from the blockchain, and finally, use a bespoke solution to distribute rewards. This cumbersome process is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and restricts the speed and scale of marketing campaigns. We’re here to change that with DeForm.
DeForm is a crypto-native CRM that enables marketing using the new internet. Marketers use DeForm to ask personalized questions, understand an individual’s on-chain presence, and distribute crypto rewards & communications without developer intervention.
Our team is building at the intersection of finance, community, and art — redefining how audience and brand connections are unleashed and nurtured with the new internet. The company is built on a stellar founding team, industry-leading customers, and a fun home in San Francisco.
We're on a mission to redefine the way marketers connect with their audiences, and we need your help.

💼 Job Openings

Don’t see the perfect role for you? We’re always looking for exceptional people, no matter their specific domain of expertise. If that’s you, say 👋 to us at Please use “Opportunity Inquiry: “ in the subject line of the email!

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✨ How we operate

💝  We innovate practically and delightfully

The focus of many crypto companies today is often on creating economically sound incentive structures and protocols or excessively reinventing systems, making product experiences inaccessible to non-developers and existing workflows.
Our product experiences emphasize familiarity to minimize the learning curve a new tool. At the same time, we take the extra moment to ensure that cutting-edge functionality can be navigated without any documentation. Combining a strong technical foundation in our systems and direct handoffs between engineers and customers, we quickly iterate until our users are happy.
Our users often tell us that our product experiences are among the most intuitive they've encountered in the Web3 space. Every product decision we make is rooted in creating delight:
Feedback from one of our customers :) Comments like these makes everything worth it!
Feedback from one of our customers :) Comments like these makes everything worth it!

😄 We love what we do.

Each member of our team is an expert in their field with curiosity in many areas. At DeForm, the talent stack is collapsed. The business development person does engineering, the designer does sales and fundraising, and the engineers do product and customer support. What all of us share is a passion for transforming technical limitations into intuitive, useful concepts that put a smile on someone’s face.
We often travel across the world together, meeting customers (literally) where they are and exchanging new feature requests and long-term collaboration dreams over drinks and chatter.
We also celebrate quite often. And quite hard:
How we celebrate on Slack 😂😂
How we celebrate on Slack 😂😂

🗣️ We embrace curiosity and creative discourse.

There is no challenge that doesn’t start with a playful attitude — conversations begin with “what if’s” and not “that’s impossible.”
No one on our team is afraid to ask fundamental questions that challenge the status quo. We craft innovative solutions by combining first-principles thinking with diverse perspectives. As explorers of the new internet, we stay curious and ready to experiment.
To put our product to the test and truly embody what we preach, we hosted a meetup for the Pudgy Penguin NFT community in our SF office. Check out the signup form we used, accessible only to Pudgy NFT owners 👇

💎 Our value prop to you

🎊 Competitive compensation

We believe in recognizing the incredible contributions of our team. That's why we offer a competitive salary and generous equity to our builders. You're a crucial part of our team, and we want to show our appreciation through ownership and pay that truly reflect your value. Your hard work will make an impact, and you'll be rewarded for it. 💰

🏥 Top-tier insurance

Your health and well-being are our top priorities. We offer premium medical, vision, and dental insurance to ensure you're well taken care of. We're in this for the long haul, and we want to make sure you're healthy and happy throughout the journey. Life is a marathon, and we're here to support you every step of the way. 🏃

🤝 Join our vibrant community

We believe that building a great company requires in-person connections and shared experiences. While remote work has its benefits, there's something special about collaborating in the same space. With a spacious 2500 sqft office in the heart of San Francisco, we're able to work together, have fun, and bond as a team. We host game nights, movie nights, social gatherings, happy hours, and more. Come join us, experience the energy of SF, and be part of our vibrant community. 🚀

🎮 Fun travel opportunities

We believe that the best partnerships are fostered through real-life connections, and the best engineering teams are cultivated through nonstop learning of the cutting-edge. We travel to conferences and industry events throughout the year to meet our customers, exchange industry notes, and explore new technology. We hope you’ll come with us! 🌍

🤝 Our growing list of customers

notion image
… and many more!
Thanks to these key influential players in Web3, we’ve had exponential growth over the last few months since our official launch in April! 🚀🚀