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What is the DeForm Bug Bash Program?

The DeForm Bug Bash Program is a program that helps DeForm collect information and feedback if there are any bugs or issues happening on the DeForm app. Feedback and bug reports collected will be used to help ensure a smooth user experience for all form creators and responders.

What is DeForm?

DeForm goes beyond form building. It’s a potent tool designed to aid marketers in innovative ways. Through DeForm, you can effortlessly validate digital assets on blockchains and track social media engagement. You can easily arrange NFT giveaways, create web3 surveys, and understand community perspectives, all without needing coding skills!
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How did DeForm use DeForm to create their Bug Bash Program?

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In order to continue to the actual form, applicants must check the box and press the Continue button to consent.
In order to continue to the actual form, applicants must check the box and press the Continue button to consent.
DeForm created the Bug Bash Program form by using a cover page that goes in depth about how the Bug Bash program works. Responders must first consent before continuing to the actual form page. The cover page is an optional feature that any DeForm creator can use when creating their own form, where they can choose to enable a consent option as well! Let’s take a look at the actual form now.
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Once the responder consents, they will be presented with the actual form. In the above screenshot, you’ll notice that the following features have been used:
  • Custom title and description so that responders know how their responses will be used.
  • Single select question asking responders to classify the tier of the bug they’re reporting.
  • Multiselect question asking responders how they’d like to present the bug and reproduction steps.
Let’s take a look at the next section of the form and analyze it!
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In the above screenshot, the following features were used:
  • Two long text questions asking the responder about their browser/device information along with the expected behavior of the DeForm app.
  • A Wallet Connect question so that the DeForm team knows where to send reward payouts to.
  • A single select question asking if the responder is currently a part of the DeForm community on Discord.
Next, we’ll take a look at the final section of the Bug Bash form!
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In the above screenshot, the final section of the form uses the following features:
  • Email question to collect the email address of each responder.
  • Short text question to see if the responder has any additional feedback for the DeForm team.
  • Option to email responders a copy of their response (located under the settings tab).
  • reCAPTCHA (option located under Settings tab) to ensure that the responder is not a bot.

Launch your next bug bounty program with DeForm!

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