How to Sign Up for the Farcaster Waitlist
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What is Farcaster?

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Farcaster is a protocol for decentralized social apps. The protocol allows developers to build sufficiently decentralized social networks and clients where users can control their data. A hybrid on-chain and off-chain system ensures that Farcaster remains decentralized while scaling to millions of users.
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What is the Farcaster waitlist?

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The Farcaster Waitlist Form is a short process where interested users can sign up to participate in the Farcaster beta. Once users gain access to the Farcaster beta, they will be able to explore a growing list of over 20 applications built by developers. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the entirety of the Farcaster waitlist form and discuss how to fill it out in order to have the best chances of receiving access.
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How does the Farcaster waitlist work?

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The Farcaster Waitlist form is brief but has a few features in place to ensure that responses are from actual users rather than bots. Let’s go over the requirements needed to apply to be on the Farcaster waitlist, along with each component of the form and how to complete it! Or, if you are a form creator looking for inspiration for your next waitlist form, you can read over this section to see how the form was built using DeForm.
The Farcaster Waitlist form utilizes several DeForm features:
Question type
How to complete it
Wallet Connect question
Used to collect the wallet address of each responder. This does not cost anything or trigger any gas fees. It is simply used for verification purposes.
You’ll need a web3 wallet for this step. Connect an EVM-compatible wallet to proceed.
Twitter Connect question
Used to collect the usernames of responders. This is optional, but responses with Twitter accounts will be prioritized for access.
You’ll need a Twitter / X account for this optional step. Create or login to your Twitter account, then simply connect your account using the Twitter Connect option on the form.
Email address question
Used to collect each responder’s properly-formatted email address. This way, the Farcaster team will be able to contact selected applicants to let them know when they have gained access.
Type your email address into the box.
Comment (Short text question)
This is an optional field where responders can include if they were referred by someone, or any additional notes/comments that they may have.
If you wish to complete this, you can type your comments/who referred you into this box.
reCAPTCHA question
This is used to ensure that users are humans rather than bots. This helps keep the platform safe so that users can connect with real people across communities.
Click or tap the box to mark it with a checkmark.
Once you’ve filled out all of the required steps along with any optional steps, click or tap the Submit button to submit your form!

What is DeForm?

DeForm goes beyond form building. It’s a potent tool designed to aid marketers in innovative ways. Through DeForm, you can effortlessly validate digital assets on blockchains and track social media engagement. You can easily arrange NFT giveaways, create web3 surveys, and understand community perspectives, all without needing coding skills!

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