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The Matcha Marketing team was struggling to filter relevant feedback against token-hungry users, that don’t submit genuine responses in our forms. Deform has helped us solve that by using web3 functionality, such as requiring to connect wallet that has a certain behaviour - using our app. Feedback loops are much more seamless! - Carolina Yumi, Marketing Lead at Matcha and 0x

What is the Matcha Feedback Form?

The Matcha Feedback Form is a form that Matcha users can fill out to provide feedback about their current experience with the app. The feedback collected will be used to improve the app to better serve their users.

What is Matcha?

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Matcha is the most frictionless experience to search and trade over 3 million tokens across 100+ DEXs and 8 chains.
Learn more about Matcha here: https://matcha.xyz/
You can also check Matcha out on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/matchaxyz

What is DeForm?

DeForm goes beyond form building. It’s a potent tool designed to aid marketers in innovative ways. Through DeForm, you can effortlessly validate digital assets on blockchains and track social media engagement. You can easily arrange NFT giveaways, create web3 surveys, and understand community perspectives, all without needing coding skills!

How did the Matcha team use DeForm to create their feedback form?

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Matcha created their feedback form using various DeForm features. This form in particular received hundreds of responses! In the above screenshot, you’ll notice that the form was customized with the following features:
  • Custom form profile image to reflect Matcha branding.
  • Customized title and description so responders will know what the form’s purpose is. (ie: feedback)
  • Short text question asking responders what their name is.
  • Email question to collect each responder’s email address.
  • Two single select questions - one asking about trading frequency, the other inquiring about level of trading experience.
Let’s continue to the next section of the form to see what features were used!
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In the above screenshot, you’ll notice the following features were used:
  • Rating question which asks responders to rate (on a scale of 0-5) how easy the app is to use.
  • Single select questions asking various things like how fast the app displays results, opinion on the presented information, and price rating.
  • Short text question asking responders which tokens they searched for.
Let’s move on to the final section of this form and continue the analysis!
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In the final section of their form, the following DeForm features were used:
  • Multiselect question that asks responders which group(s) they think Matcha best caters to.
  • Long answer questions that ask about potential feature improvements, if any elements were unclear/confusing, and if any issues/bugs/errors were encountered.
  • File upload question that allows responders to upload a screenshot of any potential issues they may have experienced.
You can check out the Matcha feedback form here: https://app.deform.cc/form/05e94128-d5ac-4923-bc5e-bf871c4b4413/

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