Ostium Waitlist Registration Form
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What is the Ostium Waitlist form?

The Ostium Waitlist form is a waitlist application where interested applicants can sign up for access to Ostium’s testnet.

What is Ostium?

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Ostium is the first DEX (Decentralized Exchange) where users can trade real world assets. The Ostium testnet is launching Q3 of 2023!
Learn more about Ostium here: https://www.ostium.io/
Follow Ostium on Twitter for more updates: https://twitter.com/OstiumLabs

What is DeForm?

DeForm goes beyond form building. It’s a potent tool designed to aid marketers in innovative ways. Through DeForm, you can effortlessly validate digital assets on blockchains and track social media engagement. You can easily arrange NFT giveaways, create web3 surveys, and understand community perspectives, all without needing coding skills!

How did Ostium use DeForm to create their waitlist form?

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Ostium created their waitlist form using various DeForm features. In the above screenshot, you’ll notice that the form was customized using the following features:
  • Custom form profile image to reflect Ostium branding.
  • Customized form title so that applicants know the purpose of the form.
  • Email question so that users can sign up to receive updates via their email inbox.
  • Wallet connect question to verify ownership (this is free and will not trigger any gas fees!)
  • Multi-select question so that users can choose which social media account(s) they are comfortable verifying.
  • Optional short answer questions asking each interested applicant to provide their Twitter, Discord, and Telegram handles.

Launch your next waitlist form with DeForm!

You can set up a free account and get started today at https://www.deform.cc!
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Kristen Brison