Pudgy Penguins Bay Area Meetup
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What is the Pudgy Penguins Bay Area Meetup?

On August 29th, 2023, local San Francisco and Bay Area residents that were part of the Pudgy Penguins community met up for the first time at the DeForm office to network and share their personal stories about learning, building, and adventuring in the web3 industry.
Attendees were gifted with a digital attendance badge represented by an NFT after the event.

What is Pudgy Penguins?

Pudgy Penguins is a web3 brand that produces content, merchandise, toys, and digital collectibles. It was founded in July 2021 as an online community with a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs represented by adorable, chubby cartoon penguins, each with their own set of physical traits such as costumes, hats, glasses, and backgrounds.
Pudgy Penguins has the largest Instagram following out of any other web3 community. As of August 2023, the @pudgypenguins account is sitting at just over 760k followers, thanks all the relatable and funny content on their page.

How did the Pudgy Penguins Meetup organize the meetup?

The pudgy host, Catherine, set up a web3 event form using DeForm and included questions to collect event RSVP information. The steps included:
  1. Upload a custom background image and display icon
  1. Set up a token gate that verifies Pudgy Penguin or Lil Pudgy NFT ownership
  1. Add multiple choice and short text question inputs
  1. Add an optional Twitter verification question
  1. Customize the success page with a Twitter share message to spread the word to the rest of The Huddle
With DeForm, the setup was easy and automatically verified membership in The Huddle using onchain checks and no code.
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What is DeForm?

DeForm is a powerful tool that marketers can use to verify onchain digital assets holdings and social media activity. It’s like a web3 CRM It empowers anyone to run NFT giveaways, create web3 forms, and analyze community data with no coding necessary. DeForm integrates with Ethereum wallets and offers unique capabilities not found in traditional form providers like Google Forms, Typeform, or Tally. By reducing bot and spam activity and automatically highlighting high intent users, DeForm fights sybil attacks and is a leader in web3 lead generation and marketing.
Try DeForm free today: https://deform.cc
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