Optimism Foundation RetroPGF Voting

Optimism Foundation RetroPGF Voting
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What is Optimism RetroPGF?

RetroPGF is short for Retroactive Public Goods Funding. It’s a periodic initiative hosted by the Optimism Collective where the badgeholders in the collective decide how to allocate a pool of $OP tokens to builders, creators, and educators who have provided positive impact to the Optimism Collective.
In March 2023, 10M $OP — approximately $20M USD — was distributed back to the community as an incentive and reward for the hard work being done to advance blockchain technology and the greater Optimism ecosystem.

How did Optimism RetroPGF set up a Voting Form?

Optimism RetroPGF used DeForm to set up a web3 voting and governance form that validated badgeholder status and accepted inputs for allocation percentage.
The DeForm form was set up using these steps:
  1. Add a Connect Wallet identity verification button
  1. Add number question inputs to accept percentage allocations from voters
  1. Perform post-processing on a Google Sheet with the final voting results
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What is DeForm?

DeForm is a powerful tool that marketers can use to verify onchain digital assets holdings and social media activity. It’s like a web3 CRM It empowers anyone to run NFT giveaways, create web3 forms, and analyze community data with no coding necessary. DeForm integrates with Ethereum wallets and offers unique capabilities not found in traditional form providers like Google Forms, Typeform, or Tally. By reducing bot and spam activity and automatically highlighting high intent users, DeForm fights sybil attacks and is a leader in web3 lead generation and marketing.
Try DeForm free today for your governance voting form: https://deform.cc
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